New service E-mails, calendars, contacts and tasks.


Prague – June 17, 2013. Primoco Investments, České Radiokomunikace and Kerio Technologies have united to create a new e-mail service It is focused mainly on small and medium enterprises, but also the independent users of public e-mail services.

Small and medium enterprises often use public e-mail services which, however, are neither safe nor suitable for a company communication. An alternative is to invest quite a lot of money and buy some expensive software and hardware which is very costly and uncomfortable matter.

The individuals, for whom the public e-mail such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo or Yandex is not satisfactory or sufficient, often do not know there is a quality and available alternative. The inconvenience for small companies or individuals also appears as they need to arrange their domain name. Thus such a simple thing as a quality and safe e-mail service becomes relatively complicated issue. is a service which unites „under one roof“ e-mail, calendar, contacts and tasks on the principle of SaaS (Software as a service). The users of the service keep the data stored on clouds, so they only need the internet connection and they can login anywhere anytime with the help of a web browser, a mobile phone or a tablet.

Compared to the public e-mail, has got several indisputable advantages. It provides the e-mail under a particular domain, gives the opportunity to share information with other users (family or work colleagues, for example calendars) and also some technical support features such as availability on all mobile devices, automatic synchronization, high level of safety thanks to SSL and S/MIME coding, an advanced antivirus protection, upto 16 antispam techniques and automatic backup. The standard capacity of the space is 25 GB for a single user. is a solution standing between free public e-mails on one side and expensive software solutions on the other, combining the advantages of both. For the fair price of 5 eur per user per month you will gain an efficient tool to handle your e-mail communication. Last but not least. I would like to point out the high standard of safety, privacy and the possibility to keep the e-mail under the customer’s own domain.“ explained Ladislav Semetkovský, the chief executive officer of Primoco Investments.

The operator of the service is the company Primoco Investments together with Kerio Technologies, the provider of software solutions Kerio Connect and the company České Radiokomunikace, the operator of the cloud platform Smart Cloud.


Primoco Investments is the central European investment company specialized in the investment on the field of private equity, information technology and media. The company was established in 2006 with the geographical focus on the Czech Republic, Slovakia and the Russian Federation. Primoco Investments operates the popular lifestyle portal on travel called the RUSSIAN TRAVELLER.RU in Russia, CHINESE TRAVELLER.CN in China. The portfolio consists of three more applications - REF.IO, FLIGHT OPERATION SYSTEM.COM and the new SKY MAIL.IO.


The company České Radiokomunikace is the leader on the market focused on operation of TV and radio broadcasting, it offers a wide portfolio of professional telecommunication and ICT services. The ownership of a vast network and broadcasting infrastructure combined with the unique broadcasting and access technologies enables the company to provide the voice services, the internet connection and data solutions of the highest level and quality, adjusted to the needs of corporate and wholesale customers. Thanks to the new services of Cloud Computing the company can help its customers to optimize the company IT infrastructure and gain significant saving, as well as a dramatic growth of safety, flexibility and availability of the service.


The company Kerio Technologies has been dealing with the development of software products for communication, cooperation and network safety for small and medium enterprises since 1997. The company is seated in San José, California, it has got branches in New York, the Czech Republic, Germany, Great Britain, Russia and Australia. Kerio Technologies is a member of CalConnect, the consortium for calendar and planning applications, an important member of Mac Developer Program and Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. The company has got more than 5,000 business partners in 108 countries of the world. Its technology partners are Sophos, zvelo, VMware, Parallels a Notify Technology Corporation.


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  • E-mails, calendários, contatos e tarefas
  • E-mails personalizados sob seu domínio
  • Funciona com qualquer computador ou dispositivo móvel
  • Sincroniza e-mails, calendário e tarefas com dispositivos móveis
  • Caixa de e-mails de 25 GB para cada usuário
  • Cifragem SSL e S / MIME
  • Proteçao anti-virus Sophos
  • Proteçao contra-spam de 16 níveis capta até 98% das mensagens indesejadas
  • Preço ótimo, voce paga apenas pelo número real de usuários

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